Russells on the Port Guesthouse and Restaurant is situated on the edge of the Cape West Coast Biosphere. The Atlantic Ocean is a stone’s throw from our doorstep. These two facts make us very aware of our responsibility to the environment and remind us to strive towards sustainability.

Our menu is seasonal, influenced by whichever fruit and vegetables are in season. Due to the prolonged drought that the Western Cape is experiencing and the necessary water restrictions, our kitchen garden is not the resource and inspiration it could be. Our chefs have however been known to forage for fresh samphire from the banks of the Port Owen Marina during low tide.

The rest of our ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible and from suppliers whose produce is sustainably grown and reared. Being able to trace the origin of your food is a cornerstone of sustainability in restaurants. Our burgers are made with grass-fed, carbon-negative beef from Farmer Angus’ inspirational Biodynamic Farm. Crayfish and any other seafood that appears on the Sassi red list will not be found on our menu.


Russells on the Port aims to reduce our environmental impact by using natural pest control measures wherever possible; composting garden waste at the municipal depot; using kitchen waste as feed for local pig farmers; relying on environmentally friendly insulation; educating our staff about their carbon footprint and encouraging those who do not live in the nearby staff quarters to car pool.

Scrap paper from unavoidable printing is either recycled or donated to Pikkewyn Trein, a local pre-school we support and sponsor. Russells on the Port supports the Skip the Straw initiative and will be replacing plastic straws with stainless steel and bamboo straws. Our cocktails are served without the usual cheerful, but unnecessary cocktail umbrellas.

Water Conservation Rain chain sustainability

With water conservation in mind, we encourage our Guesthouse guests to reuse towels instead of having them cleaned every day. Rainwater is collected with pretty but functional downpipe chains and borehole water is used for much of our watering.

Sustainability is a core philosophy for Russells on the Port and an ideal we will continue to strive towards inspired by people such as Jochen Zeitz who believes that “sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It’s about doing more good.”